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What We Do


Customized Fun For All Types Of Events

Magic Music Media Entertainment provides fun for all types of events.


Disc Jockeys and Emcees

Music for all types of events
Sing-A-Song-Karaoke The words to your favorite songs appear on our TV Monitor as the background tracks play. A Great add on or an attraction by iteslf.
Inquisitive Game Shows Test your knowledge on a TV Gameshow like set of popular sound bytes. Lights flash. Bells ring. And everyone has a good time.

Now at a new division - Game Show Gurus

Video Integration

Music Video Dance Parties

Added to popular DJ events, music and ambient videos are shown on a large screen (120")  along with live titles and simulcast of your event.
Game Stations Experience the arcade game at your event. Includes mobile Dance Dance Revolution game, television monitors, 2 pads per station, backdrop, and a set of chasing pars per station. Up to six stations.
Make Your Own Video Get "chroma-keyed" over music videos and background video. 

For more information, call us at (847) 781-7033


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